Qpid JMS Client

Qpid JMS Client is a JMS 2.0 client built using Qpid Proton (a messaging library).

Configure jndi.properties as required:

java.naming.factory.initial = org.apache.qpid.jms.jndi.JmsInitialContextFactory

Qpid Dispatch Router


To install using yum:

yum install qpid-dispatch-router qpid-dispatch-tools

To install the examples:

yum install python-qpid-proton


  • Link routes are like “as a “virtual connection” or “tunnel” that travels from a sender, through the router network, to a receiver.”


  • A waypoint is a special type of address which identifies a queue on a broker to which you want to route messages.
  • A waypoint address identifies the queue, and then an autolink is required to connect a router to the broker.


address {
    prefix: mycompany.finance
    waypoint: yes

autoLink {
    addr: mycompany.finance    # the address of the broker queue
    direction: in              # RECEIVES messages from the broker queue
    connection: my_conn


Connectors are outbound connections to other brokers (or AMQP entities), and can be of different types:

  • route-container - is a connection to a broker, or a resource that holds known addresses.
  • inter-router - is a connection to another router in the network.


connector {
    name: MyLocalBroker
    host: broker-amq-amqp
    port: 5672
    role: route-container
    saslMechanisms: plain
    saslUsername: amq-demo-user
    saslPassword: password