A data source for getting REST APIs into a Grafana dashboard.

Settings and examples

Computed columns, Filter, Group By

Computed columns (with parser: Backend) can have an expression which includes strings concatenation.

Example: take the Location field from the API response, and the variable google_project, and use them to create an example command:

'gcloud container clusters get-credentials ' + Name + ' --location ' + Location + ' --project ${google_project}'


An example UQL expression which iterates over the key data in some JSON:

| scope "data"

How to validate parts of a YAML document

To fetch a YAML document and then validate parts of it (e.g. evaluate some custom rules):

  • Type: UQL
  • Source: URL
  • Format: Table
  • URL: http://example.com/example.yaml

Then in the UQL box, parse the YAML into JSON, and use the jsonata function to evaluate expressions of your choosing:

| jsonata "{ \"memcached_host_configured\": $.chunk_store_config.chunk_cache_config.memcached_client.host != '', \"ruler_evaluation_interval\": $.ruler.evaluation_interval }"
| project kv()

When displayed in a Table panel in Grafana, this should result in something like:

key value
is_memcached_host_configured true
ruler_evaluation_interval 1m0s