Rounded corners: add and remove

To remove rounded corners from a rectangle:

  • Select the shape
  • Select the edit paths by nodes (N) tool
  • Drag EACH of the white circular handles into the corner of the shape. (You will need to do this for both of the circular handles)

Stroke: Scale an object without scaling its stroke

To scale an object without scaling its stroke:

  1. Find the stroke/fill toggle buttons in the toolbar (Four buttons with arrows on them, to the right of the X and Y dimension controls)
  2. Deselect the button which has the tooltip: When scaling objects, scale the stroke width by the same proportion.

Set default shape options

Because sometimes Inkscape remembers the last shape settings (e.g. it applies rounded corners or transparency when you don’t want it)

  1. Create a new shape and style as you want.

  2. Make sure the shape is selected.

  3. Double-click the Shape tool (e.g. Rectangle shape), under Style of new objects choose This tool’s own style and then click Take from Selection. This will use the properties of the currently selected shape as the default for new objects.