The open source commenting engine; an alternative to Disqus.


Running with Podman:

sudo podman run --rm --name isso -d -v /opt/isso/config:/config -v /opt/isso/db:/db -p 8080:8080 wonderfall/isso

Running with docker-compose:

cd /opt/isso
sudo /usr/local/bin/docker-compose up -d

DB pruning/editing

-- will show (describe) the structure of the 'threads' table
.schema threads

Moving posts from an old URL to a new one:

-- get the ID
select * from threads where uri like '%<old-url>%';

-- get the thread ID
select id from comments where tid = <old-url-thread-id>; -- no quotes!
select text from comments where tid = <old-url-thread-id>;

-- update
update comments set tid=<new-tid> where tid=<old-tid>;



export ISSO_BASE=

Get comments (for /path/resource-name/):

curl ${ISSO_BASE}/?uri=%2Fpath%2Fresource-name%2F


Comment notification emails aren’t being sent

  • Check logs (podman logs isso) - there may be something like “2020-08-06 17:14:43,727 ERROR: unable to connect to SMTP server”