Making a login request to an OpenID Connect Server (Not Tested)

curl -X
  &scope=openid profile

This will return a code (e.g. 0.AUYAbvDmnoOQOkGRF5FFh.....)

Getting an Access Token from a Code (Not Tested)

Assuming you have a code (looks like 0.AUYA...):

curl -X POST
  -d grant_type=authorization_code
  -d client_id=YOUR_APPLICATION_ID
  -d client_secret=YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET
  -d redirect_uri=
  -d code=${THE_CODE}

This should return a token, like this:

HTTP/1.1 200
Content-Type: application/json
  "token_type": "Bearer",
  "scope": "openid profile email",
  "expires_in": 5069,
  "ext_expires_in": 5069,
  "access_token": "eyJ0eXAiOi......",
  "id_token": "eyJ0eXA......"