Things about Quarkus:

  • build phase builds a runner jar, e.g. myapp-1.0-runner.jar
  • native-image phase runs a GraalVM native-image build:

    • with -Dnative-image.docker-build=true, it will run a build inside a Docker container, e.g. using image
    • without this, it will look for the env var GRAALVM_HOME to be set, and expect GraalVM to be installed locally.


The Quarkus Maven Plugin needs Maven > 3.6.2 because….???

Create a new Quarkus Maven project

mvn io.quarkus:quarkus-maven-plugin:1.3.2.Final:create

List all extensions

mvn io.quarkus:quarkus-maven-plugin:1.3.2.Final:list-extensions

Building a native image

export GRAALVM_HOME=/opt/java/graalvm-ce-19.0.0
sdk install java 20.1.0.r11-grl


To debug a Quarkus application locally, connect a debugger to port 5005. Optionally add -Ddebug to make Quarkus wait for a debugger to be connected before starting:

$ mvn compile quarkus:dev -Ddebug


Historic things I’ve looked at.

CORS filters on Undertow don’t seem to work:

  • Add a debug breakpoint on io.undertow.servlet.core.ManagedFilter#doFilter to see what’s in the current FilterChain.

    • There should be a CORSFilter in there: “ManagedFilter{filterInfo=FilterInfo{filterClass=class io.quarkus.undertow.runtime.filters.CORSFilter, name=’io.quarkus.undertow.runtime.filters.CORSFilter’}}”
  • Add a Field Watchpoint on io.quarkus.undertow.runtime.HttpConfig.cors and ensure the app is run with -Ddebug so that Quarkus will wait for a debugger before starting.

  • io.quarkus.runtime.generated