CentOS 8

Repositories out of the box:

  • AppStream
  • BaseOS
  • extras

Working with yum

List installed packages:

$ yum list installed

Common tools/packages

To enable a graphical desktop environment:

sudo yum groupinstall gnome-desktop x11 fonts

To set up a simple web server:

sudo yum install -y httpd
# Then, modify web content in /var/www
sudo systemctl start httpd


To reload Nginx:

sudo service nginx reload


Check the sshd logs (to see why you’re being denied a log on):

journalctl --follow --unit sshd

This will show the latest sshd logs. Press Shift+G to show the latest logs (at the bottom).

Subscription Manager

Get all the employee SKU subscriptions:

sudo subscription-manager list --available --matches '${EMPLOYEE_SKU}' --pool-only


“Not using ius/repomd.xml because it is older than what we have”

  • Try cleaning yum’s cache, using yum clean all